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You don't like thinking about your finances.

You're overwhelmed with your best options.

You know you need to do something ASAP.

👋Hi! I'm Kyle.

I'm obsessed with finance.

Apparently I try explaining it in my sleep.

I hope we're a good match and I can help :)

Financial independence

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Doctor Google's great until you type in your symptoms and you have 5 different conditions and 50 different treatments. 

I love building tailored 

financial game plans with my customers so I solve their individual problems and they never have to waste time Googling about their money again.

Whilst I'm fluent in financial jargonese, I try to keep it to English. Ok, 99% of the time ;)   

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There are estimated to be 22,893 financial advisers in Australia. 

I guess in 95% of cases, advisers recommend a magical portfolio that only they can give you the keys to and isn't available directly.

These portfolios generally require an additional 

ongoing investment relationship with them (and ongoing fees to be paid)

This seems like a crazy coincidence

IDK about you but if my doctor prescribed a script that only they had access to I'd be suspicious. If this script ensured more appointments (and fees) were needed every year forever, I'd run

I'm passionately independent. Have no affiliations to product providersOnly get paid by my customers with no commissions. Don't pay or receive referral fees. Get paid the same fixed fee regardless of my advice and don't set my customers up in these magical portfolio structures requiring ongoing maintenance (and fees)

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