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No lengthy sales process.

Simple options.

Transparent pricing. 

No BS fluff.

Just no strings attached financial advice to give you confidence with your finances and make your life easier.

Upfront advice options




Money sorted




product advice

Complex strategic advice + modelling





90 minute general guidance consultation


Someone looking to get the essentials sorted to get their initial traction.

Someone who has established their financial foundations 

and facing a large decision to make the most of their situation. 

Someone with a DIY mindset who wants a professional opinion OR someone keen to upskill and looking for initial educational guidance.


$2,400 per person per plan

$3,700 per plan

$500 per meeting

Ongoing guidance options

I make every effort to ensure my upfront advice puts your finances on autopilot but below are options if you'd like an ongoing sounding board.




Adviser on call




Future consultations


Something more tailored


Ongoing collaboration (and access to an app) for 12 months to get guidance in relation to your initial plan.  

90 minute general guidance consultations

To be discussed, depending on your situation and needs.


$1,000 per annum

$500 per meeting


My prices are based on the estimated time required and value provided and hope one of the above sounds right for you :)

All prices, of course, include GST.


The above is designed to suit most cases however in the event your situation has additional complexities we can discuss alternative ways to work together or point you in the direction of another appropriate professional.

Buying financial advice is confusing and there are a lot of amazing advisers in Australia. Here are a few external links to help with your due diligence: Choice Magazine, ASIC moneysmart and Profession of Independent Financial Advisers.

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