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What is it

An 90 minute consultation for you to bounce your ideas off me or get educated on a particular area.

What's included


1 90 minute meeting

Recording of meeting

Answer to

questions you


I'll raise any

other issues you might not have thought about

Suggestions of other relevant resources I trust

Next step suggestions

The process


You provide your info via a questionnaire and suggest agenda.


90 minute meeting discussing the agenda you set.




3 days


The cost

$500 per meeting paid upfront (when you book the initial meeting below).


I stress as well the above is not personal financial advice rather is factual and general advice. What does this mean? In a consultation, I legally can't give you advice (and likely don't know as I haven't done the research) on a financial product so my comments are limited to answering your questions broadly, telling you the pros and cons and pointing you in the direction to help you get the information you need to make a confident decision. 


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