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A big decision

What is it

Sometimes financial situations are a bit more complex and require more work as the best path forward isn't quite so clear. 


In these situations, I work with my customers to build complex financial models to help us try and crystal ball your best move.

These models can be as complex as your imagination allows and aim to help you reach your best decision with confidence.


Following us collaborating together on the models and identifying all opportunities and issues I will provide my advice based on what I would do if I were in your shoes.


Common situations I model with my customers are:


Rent vs buy analysis. 

Imminent property purchase/renovation.

Retirement projections (including superannuation/pension strategies and Centrelink).

Time out of the workforce for maternity/paternity leave (or other reason) and reentering.

Property vs shares (or other investment).

Reborrow against home equity for wealth creation (or other reason) or "debt recycling".

Home loan repayment.

Business commencement.

Multiple entity strategising (e.g. company, trust and/or SMSF).

Returning expat.


Employer share schemes.

What's included


1 base case model

3 alternate scenario models

1 recommended strategy model

3 meetings where we build the models together

on my software with screen sharing (and recording for your records)

1 meeting where I present the models and my advice.

The process


You provide your info via a questionnaire.


You provide your documents via a shared cloud drive created and get access to an app to seamlessly communicate.


60 minute meeting discussing your situation, plans in detail and begin mapping out the base case, deciding on assumptions and alternate scenarios.


80 minute meeting to brainstorm my initial research and model out all 5 models.


2 days

4 days

5 days





40 minute meeting to answer any additional questions, discuss your next steps and give guidance so you can confidently implement the advice.


Final models and my advice presentation with detail on the advice, reasoning, 

alternate options and education to ensure you 100% understand the advice.


60 minute meeting where we run through your options and what the differences between the models looks like and why. 


3 days

5 days

The cost

$3,700 per plan (regardless if for person, couple or family) with $500 paid upfront (when you book the initial meeting below) and the remaining $3,200 is to be paid following step 3 (unless you choose not to progress any further).


I stress as well the above does not include specific product recommendations rather focuses purely on strategic advice. If following determining the strategy, there is a product need and you would like additional advice this can be provided by me under Money sorted at an additional cost of $2,100 per person. Why? Sometimes there might not be product advice required e.g. decide on a property purchase, so I separate the two to ensure you don't pay for something you don't need. 


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