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Friday Q & A – Do you help people interstate?


Do you help people interstate?


Short answer – yes!

Whilst I have meeting facilities in Sydney & Newcastle my business is predominately operated online from where I live on the Central Coast & find many customers prefer this even if location isn’t an issue.

Travel is saved, times aren’t so much an issue & oddly find meetings to be more productive & time effective for myself & my customers as the focus is entirely focused on the screen where utilise screen sharing. If a 20-minute call is all that’s required to cover a topic there’s no need for us to feel obliged to make the meeting unnecessarily longer because of the travel time lost for instance. There’s also no need to hire a meeting room & this cost saving is passed on.

I utilise Zoom for my meetings and if there’s anything good that’s come out of this coronavirus period it’s that I no longer need to call online meetings “Skype’s” when I use Zoom as it seems to have become the standard online meeting tool and entered our vocabulary 🙂

It may well change in the future however ATM I still do my complimentary initial 15-minute calls over the phone and can book in a time here. If you’d like to make this a Zoom let me know as I’d prefer it too :)

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